The Lyceum was the school founded by the Macedonian philosopher, Aristotle, in 335 BCE. Here, he and others lectured in the mornings. Aristotle’s pedagogy differed strongly from his teacher Plato in that he believed learning was best accomplished starting with concrete and moving to abstract concepts, through hands on use of materials rather than lecture. Aristotle believed as Montessori does that learning is an individual process of discovery.

At Little Lyceum Montessori, we apply Aristotle and Montessori’s approaches to learning. Montessori believed, “what the hand does, the mind remembers,” and through our carefully chosen materials and observant, teachers, the child, with independent mind and chosen purpose, will find the world unfolding before him. The child will not learn but rather discover the nature of the world in which he lives.



Head of School

Gordon stumbled upon the Montessori Philosophy in 1998 and found love at first sight. His interests and loves in no particular order are Charlotte, Penelope, Caspian, Aristotle,(The man and the rabbit), orange juice, caffeine addiction, human development, reading, camping, mindfulness practices, beef jerky, philosophy, and creating a loving container to empower the children of the world to self-actualize.




Terry holds an AMS Montessori 0-3 certification from the Montessori Education Center of the Rockies in Boulder, and a Master’s of Montessori Education from St.Catherine University in St. Paul, MN. She is Montessori Administration credentialed. Terry's love for Montessori started when her four daughters attended primary class in a Montessori classroom. In her free time, Terry enjoys cooking, sewing, music, and theater.



Lead primary teacher



Lead Toddler teacher





Lead Infant Teacher

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